INDIANAPOLIS — ADESA, Inc. has reported it is developing a custom-built business solution for Credit Acceptance Corp. that is expected to be deployed on the Web in late January. Both companies anticipate that this Web-based tool will provide a method of targeting specific used-vehicle inventory for Credit Acceptance dealer-partners.

Through the Web site, ADESA is creating new ways for dealer-partners to locate used-vehicle inventory. Since ADESA offers both virtual and physical auctions, the company brings the benefit of both environments and integration to its customers using a delivery mechanism.

“This Web site will drive more dealers to purchase vehicles from ADESA, whether from our physical lanes or from ADESA LiveBlock in such a way that we are matching dealers' demand to ADESA auctions' supply,” said ADESA Corp. Director of eBusiness Roger Laurendeau. “Bringing more dealers to the auction continues to be a key success factor for the auctions. Bringing more of the right dealers based on matching current auction inventory with dealers' used-vehicle needs is an evolutionary step in ADESA's business model.”

Laurendeau added, “Since LiveBlock allows dealers to participate remotely in our physical auctions across the country via live video and audio internet bidding, dealers can now easily access the right used-vehicle inventory from ADESA online. The site is currently being finalized and tested and plans are for it to go live just after the first of the year.”