NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Automated Target Marketing matches the right dealers to the right cars in the quickest possible timeframe, while improving operational efficiency and maximizing dealer profitability, says Brad Greenwald, founder and CEO of AWG Remarketing in Newport Beach.

AWG´s Automated Target Marketing uses real-time data mining to analyze data from dealers and wholesalers, determining what they buy and sell, which vehicles turn the greatest profits, and which vehicles have the quickest turnaround times in their respective markets. It can also determine what competitors are doing, so understanding the data and knowing what inventory to push becomes crucial.

“We will push data obtained from individual dealer management systems and run it through our proprietary AWG algorithms to get a ‘perfect inventory model´ for that dealer,” says Greenwald. “In this way, we can determine what vehicles they´re selling the quickest for the best profit and track the hot cars within target markets. For independent dealers who may not have management systems, AWG can create one so they, too, can see which models maximize profits.”

Sellers can also use AWG´s target marketing communications to electronically “push” vehicles that closely match specific dealer purchase profiles. Dealers will receive a special “vehicle alert” through a PC, cell phone, or PDA and can instantly respond with a bid or purchase a vehicle outright with an immediate PC, PDA or cell phone response.

Pre-qualified buyers then are pitted against one another in an online auction that uses AWG´s proprietary Virtual Intelligent Auction Facility (VIAF), which replicates a traditional brick and mortar auction facility, right down to the auctioneer´s motions and cadence, all in the virtual world.

Designed for time-saving and cost-cutting efficiencies, VIAF technology combines interactive human-looking and sounding auctioneers that provide bidders and sellers the sensation of actually standing in the lanes of a traditional auction. VIAF´s virtual auctioneers chant as they look for bids and interact with bidders, even calling each bidder by name in real time, as if they were on location.

Each virtual auctioneer uses a human sounding voice that can be programmed by the seller, in real time, to change the timing, lower the reserve, or repeat whatever new phrasing is required, in a variety of languages. Truly a fully automated online auction, every aspect of the VIAF can be programmed on the fly and multiple “lanes” can be running simultaneously.

“With the advent of high-speed wireless for the public, and more wireless activity at auction facilities, the cell phone and the PDA will become the ultimate weapon for buyers and sellers,” says Greenwald. “There´s going to be a shift from the dominant remarketing companies to companies that can offer technologies that deliver the greatest return on investment.”

“We developed our technology so we could act as a virtual remarketing assistant, hunting down the most profitable vehicles and spoon-feeding them to dealers,” concludes Greenwald.