Several central Florida automotive dealers will utilize Manheim’s Central Florida Auto Auction (CFAA) in Orlando September 23-26, and offer the public the opportunity to buy new vehicles where dealers buy used vehicles – without the auction bidding process.

Along with Manheim’s Central Florida Auto Auction, this event is a collaborative effort of five Orlando-area dealerships, Ford Motor Company, and local television and radio stations.

Approximately 1,000 new vehicles will be on the CFAA lot. Customers looking to buy a 2004-model SUV, pickup truck, van, or sedan will be assisted by dealership staff who will personally show them any vehicle on the property, not just vehicles from their dealership. As dealerships make room for new models coming to their lots, customers can expect good deals on a wide variety of vehicles at the event, including up to $6,000 in rebates or zero percent financing.

The five participating Ford dealerships – Courtesy, Greenway, Rolling Hills, Sun State, and Tropical Ford – are in close enough proximity to the auction to get additional vehicles to the auction quickly if a customer can’t find the exact vehicle he or she wants at the event.

Ford Clearance Sale customers will be asked to register when they arrive at the auction, much like dealers do when they attend a normal sale at CFAA. They can also pre-register online by visiting or any of the eight Orlando TV and radio stations’ Web sites.