ADESA Inc., a publicly traded vehicle auction company, has selected the inContact service solution for a multi-site telecommunications system. The inContact system, designed in conjunction with Concierge Communications, a UCN sales partner, will provide ADESA with a unified, centralized management and reporting solution that will increase service levels while decreasing costs.

When ADESA moved to a centralized structure, the company published one toll-free number to support five of ADESA's dispersed business units. As a result, customers can now connect to any location by making one call. Before the new solution was deployed, the company had been using a PBX with auto-attendant at the corporate location, but it was unable to distribute calls beyond the local building. Compounding ADESA's telecom problem, the company had little reporting and tracking capabilities. Management also had limited visibility into call volumes or customer service levels. In response, ADESA adopted inContact, a contact handling application that includes a rapid application development tool and unified reporting tool.

"With historical and real-time data available through the tracking, reporting, monitoring and recording modules, ADESA can now collect valuable traffic and capacity planning information based on the number of busy signals and error problems," said JoEllyn Farrell, telecommunications analyst for ADESA. "Managers can also identify and address staffing or personnel issues by using information provided in the call detail log."

Working with UCN, Concierge Communications created an automated interactive voice response (IVR) solution for ADESA that can route calls to more than 160 geographically dispersed locations. If inContact detects a busy signal, a no-answer within a specified time or a dialing error, it logs that condition and redirects the call back to the corporate office. The solution was designed, programmed, tested, and delivered in six weeks.

"Because of the inherent ease-of-scalability in the inContact system, ADESA can quickly respond to its dynamic communication needs while having full control," said Clark Atwood, vice president of technical sales for Concierge Communications. "ADESA now has detailed reporting and logging capabilities, centralized administration and management, error reporting, and a disaster recovery solution because inContact is a hosted solution that is not dependent on any onsite equipment. The only requirement is having a person available to answer a ringing phone."