Automotive Capital Group, Inc., said it is now offering vehicles on eBay Motors with no credit check financing. The company is offering cars, trucks and SUVs on eBay Motors and is one of few to offer financing to eBay users regardless of credit score. Automotive Capital Group, Inc., guarantees financing on the vehicles they sell through the auction site. The company is looking to sell a significant amount of autos on eBay Motors while offering a solution to sub-prime auto buyers who can't get approved by conventional banks.

Automotive Capital Group, Inc., announced they are acquiring Colfax Financial, which has two profitable automobile dealers located in Arizona. The company created a finance program that allows individuals with no credit, bad credit, bankruptcies, repossessions, and other credit issues the ability to purchase a slightly used vehicle. Automotive Capital Group, Inc., is bringing its concept to the Internet using both eBay and the company's e-commerce site scheduled to launch next week. According to Automotive Capital Group, Inc., few dealers offer loans with "click here financing" options without a credit check. Automotive Capital Group, Inc., also announced they will be launching later this month, which is the Spanish version of the site. The site will focus on selling autos with financing options to the Hispanic market.

The company hopes its turn to the Internet will be the next step in accomplishing its goal of selling more than 200 automobiles each month with an average selling price of $10,000. The company is looking to finance each car and also offer auto dealers sub-prime loan programs and expects significant growth in auto sales using the Internet as a tool to educate buyers about financing options at Automotive Capital Group. Interested buyers can apply at to fill out an online application.