DallasAutoAuction.com, recently launched by Net-Auctions, Inc., provides a car-buying and selling system for the used- or new-car marketplace. The system, DallasAutoAuction.com terms as "Buyer's Assistant," allows the general public to place their vehicle request online for $9.95. The individual can request the make, model, year, and a price and mileage range on a used car. The purpose of the small fee, Larry Scala of Net-Auctions says, is to keep the kids and bogus requests off the system. Dealers and sellers can be assured the buyer is serious about their vehicle request.

Sellers (Car dealers and individuals are eligible) who have registered on the system automatically are notified of the new-vehicle request for that particular make. The buyer receives multiple bids from dealers and sellers, each competing for their business. The buyer does not have to necessarily choose the lowest bid, but can actually choose the "best offer." The best offer can result from being the right color, low miles, better warranty, location, etc., not just the lowest price. The system allows the sellers to lower their price if another seller underbid them. The system keeps buyers and sellers anonymous so buyers don't get bombarded with sales calls from pushy salesmen.

Another aspect of this system is that it allows individuals the ability to list as sellers and thereby have a method for selling their own used car online. DallasAutoAuction.com restricts the car listings to only dealers and sellers in the DFW and surrounding areas.

DallasAutoAuction.com also features a full classified ad and online auction system for car dealers and the general public. Individuals can list their cars for sale in the classifieds or use the online auction system for $14.95 until their car is sold. The system charges no other commissions on the sale.

Several different volume discount plans are available for dealers who join the system. Dealers who currently list their used-car inventory online with other sites, such as Autotrader.com and Cars.com, can upload their entire inventory since dallasautoauction.com's uploading is fully database compatible with existing systems.

The concept of focusing on the DFW marketplace gives online bidders more confidence when bidding since they can actually go visit the vehicles and preview them before bidding.