Manheim’s Simulcast had record-breaking success at the BMW highline sale at Manheim’s Atlanta Auto Auction on July 2, 2003. Of 130 vehicles sold, 84 percent were purchased by online dealers via Simulcast.

Simulcast is Manheim’s online system that allows dealers to remotely bid and buy vehicles as they are moving through the live auction lanes. In this closed sale, nearly 1,400 online bids were submitted, a record in terms of the ratio of bids to the number of cars offered.

“Dealers from 10 states, including some on the West Coast, were able to bid on vehicles they may not otherwise have been able to see,” said Gordon Warren, vice president of Manheim Interactive. “Their participation kept the bidding lively and contributed to the overall success of the sale.”

Of the 138 vehicles offered, 130 were sold. Of those sold, 109 were purchased via Simulcast by 11 dealers.

“We are excited about the increasing use of Simulcast by dealers,” said Rich Perkowski, national auction manager of BMW Financial Services. “It is a unique way for more dealers to attend sales and bid on the vehicles they are interested in.”