Manheim’s Florida Auto Auction of Orlando had notable Simulcast success at its recent three-day Anniversary Sale, accepting nearly 2,600 online bids and selling over 400 vehicles online. The sale proved to be the greatest success for Simulcast since its inception.

“We are very pleased with the number of dealers who placed online bids,” said Toni Robinson, Simulcast manager for Florida Auto Auction of Orlando. “Our success with Simulcast proves, once again, that Manheim’s commitment to technology makes the auction process simple and enjoyable for dealers.”

Simulcast is Manheim’s online system that allows used-car dealers to bid remotely and electronically buy vehicles as they are moving through the auction lanes.

The first sale, a closed General Motors sale held on July 7, 2003, sold 58 vehicles online. Fifty-five online dealers placed more than 370 bids. The following day, 244 online dealers placed more than 800 bids at an open sale that sold 139 vehicles via Simulcast. On the final day, 50 online dealers placed more than 1,400 online bids at a closed Chrysler sale. More than 200 vehicles were sold to online dealers.