Buyers will be able to click on a tag on a vehicle's posting to watch a short video that...

Buyers will be able to click on a tag on a vehicle's posting to watch a short video that includes the sound of the vehicle's engine. 

Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Manheim has added two new features to Manheim Express meant to improve the digital buying experience.

One of the new features, Audio Video Tags allow dealers to see and hear the engine of the vehicle they’re looking at in the app. The other feature, Interior 360 Imaging, allows Manheim Express,, and OVE users to look at a 360-degree image of the interior of a vehicle.  

“Dealers want as much condition information as possible before they buy, and these features combine to give them more insight than ever before,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of offsite solutions at Manheim. “Between the industry leading exterior 360 technology, moveable images and now A/V tags and interior 360s, Manheim Express offers the best multimedia capabilities of any wholesale app, so dealers can buy online with confidence.”

The goal of these new features is to make the online vehicle viewing experience better replicate the experience of kicking the tires in-person. The new pieces of information that these features give buyers can help them determine the potential level of reconditioning a vehicle might need, and influence purchase price accordingly, Manheim noted.

Audio and video tags and interior 360 imaging will be available on all listings completed by a Manheim Express Concierge specialist. Sellers can request concierge service through the app.

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