The average cost to lease a new Ford Fusion is currently $179 per month, an industry-leading...

The average cost to lease a new Ford Fusion is currently $179 per month, an industry-leading 18.65% decrease from February.

Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Co. 

New-lease marketplace reports falling average lease costs for a variety of Chevrolet and Ford vehicles and higher payments for some BMW, Infiniti, and Toyota SUVs heading into March.

Lease pricing for the Chevrolet Traverse now averages $289 per month, down 12.88% from February. The Malibu is down 5.51% to $239 per month. Ford pricing fell even further, including an 18.65% decrease in the average monthly cost for a Fusion (now $179 per month) and a 10.15% decrease for the Focus ($159).

While several dealers have offered attractive lease deals in the month of March, analysts noted, the Nissan Sentra remains America’s lowest-priced new vehicle lease, averaging just $129 per month.

“We’re seeing an increase in aggressive lease pricing beginning to permeate across dealerships, specifically for compact cars,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of “Just as we saw Nissan offer attractive pricing across their line of vehicles in the month of February, other brands such as Ford and Chevrolet seem to be following suit.”

The vehicles with the largest increased monthly payment are the Toyota RAV4 (up 20.37% to $299 per month) and the Infiniti QX80 (up 20.21% to $759). The BMW X5 also saw a significant increase of 16.75%, bringing the average lease cost to $899 per month.

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