Dealers Auto Auction of Las Vegas (DAALV) has partnered with Auction Management Solutions (AMS) in an effort to grow its business, according to a company announcement.

The auction partnered with AMS due to its long-term relationships with vendors and consignors, said Dan Thomas, who owns the auction. The plan is to leverage these relationships to assist his auction in the competitive Las Vegas market, he said.

One aspect of DAALV's business that AMS is targeting is the auction's commercial accounts. Tom Stewart, president of AMS, noted that DAALV has a solid foundation with its strong dealer consignment sales. His company will build upon that foundation by strengthening its commercial accounts, he added.

Dealers Auto Auction has seen continued growth in the nearly 12 years it has been operating. Today, it is the largest independent auction in Nevada and sells roughly 350 units a week with 200-250 attendees at its physical auctions, and additional online buyers through Simulcast.