Courtesy of Carvana.

Courtesy of Carvana. 

Carvana continues its nationwide expansion this week with the launch of its next-day vehicle delivery service in Phoenix, according to a company announcement.

This expansion not only marks the 33rd market to offer the service, it’s also the Tempe, Ariz.-based company’s first time entering a market in its home state after five years in operation.

“As the home of our headquarters — and nearly 500 of our employees — launching in Phoenix is particularly meaningful for us,” said Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana.

Most recently, the company expanded its next-day delivery service to Louisville, Ky. in July. In its most recent quarterly earnings call, the company announced that it had nearly doubled its year-over-year gross profit. The company expects to expand its services to six or seven more markets by the year’s end.