Courtesy of Manheim.

Courtesy of Manheim. 

Manheim has rolled out its Limited Powertrain Inspection, the company’s first inspection product for higher mileage vehicles to include structural, engine, transmission, transfer case, and hybrid/electric battery in the inspection guarantee, nationwide, according to a company announcement.

The new inspection will guarantee the major components of any green light vehicle with 125,000 or more miles on the odometer as well as any green-yellow or yellow light vehicles with no mileage restrictions for seven days, according to the company.

“This new inspection offering helps dealers reduce risk and avoid unexpected repair costs associated with higher mileage inventory and potential transportation fees by identifying potential problems before the vehicle leaves the auction. The guarantee timeframe also provides adequate time to receive and evaluate the vehicle,” according to a company statement.

The reason for the creation of this inspection, the company noted, is to reduce risk for buyers. Previous available inspections, such as Condition Reports offered a representation of the physical condition of a vehicle, but did not include mechanical, electrical or structural inspections, which presented a risk to buyers.

“When it comes to purchasing vehicles dealers don’t want any surprises and we are committed to providing options that drive confidence in the transaction,” said Fredrick Standfield, vice president of Manheim’s Assurance Solutions. “Our clients expressed interest in an assurance option for older inventory so we created the Limited Powertrain Inspection.”