GM Financial presented its 2016 auction of the year awards to ADESA Kansas City for Open Sale Auction of the Year and Manheim Statesville in North Carolina for Closed Sale Auction of the Year award, the company announced earlier this week.

"The auctions that we are recognizing with these awards produce outstanding results each and every sale throughout the year. They are committed to creating an excellent customer experience and take significant pride in what they are able to accomplish each and every day,” said Brad Bollman, vice president of GM Financial's remarketing division.

To determine the winners of these awards, GM Financial reviews each of its 48 auction partners. The company examines each auction’s performance in customer service, marketing promotions, pre-sale activities, and overall auction success.

From there, GM Financial whittles down the original list of 48 down to two — one winner for open auction sale performance and another for closed auction sale performance.

The Open and Closed Sale Auction of the Year awards are presented annually and are part of GM Financials nationwide Auction of the Year program. This year’s awards mark the second time that the company has recognized two winners.

Updated: April 4, 2017