RMS Automotive is pursuing a strategy to further enhance velocity for its clients by integrating consignors' open sale listings with OVE and Manheim.com, according to a company announcement.  

RMS, Automotive, a Cox Automotive brand that launched its U.S. operations in 2014, uses automation and data science to provide VIN-specific recommendations for accurate vehicle pricing, optimal reconditioning, and inventory distribution, according to the company.

“Data science and analytics is shifting the way RMS Automotive conducts business,” said Ben Flusberg, senior director of Insights & Optimization for RMS Automotive. “Our team is helping clients make optimal decisions about how to handle their unprecedented inventory volumes, including where to transport vehicles and how to sell them faster while maximizing return.” 

Since its inception, the company has invested nearly $30 million into its online platforms and Insights & Optimization capabilities. The services the company offers, deliver real-time integration with a client’s platform, faster remarketing time, reduced depreciation/cost of capital, improved residuals, and a reduction in wholesale losses, according to RMS Automotive.