Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) has added AiM Verify, a new wholesale floor plan audit platform, to its growing suite of apps and technology tools.

The new floor plan system will allow automotive and finance institutions to mitigate risk associated with lending by providing customizable and accurate vehicle inventory audits for their dealership networks across the U.S. and Canada, according to the company. To develop and release this new proprietary wholesale floor plan system, AiM gathered input from internal field staff auditors, management teams and floor plant clients.

“When developing the AiM Verify platform, we looked for ways that we could incorporate new technology to create a scalable model for wholesale vehicle floor plan audits,” said Jim Yates, CEO and president at AiM. “By deploying new hardware and software to our auditors, we can provide a significant leap forward over what’s currently available in the market and continue to support the entire wholesale floor plan audit industry as a trusted third-party.”

According to the company, automotive and finance institutions that use AiM Verify will benefit from real-time, accurate reporting of on- and off-site inventory as well as support from AiM’s internal IT team, which will provide real-time support and prompt responses.

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