Photo courtesy of Maserati.

Photo courtesy of Maserati.

Maserati North America has partnered with Manheim to centralize its processes for wholesaling vehicles, which includes revamping its fleet management program and the liquidation of its off-lease, buyback, and company-owned units.  

Three Manheim locations – Manheim Riverside, Manheim Palm Beach, and Manheim New Jersey – will now serve as direct return centers for all of Maserati’s buyback units nationwide. Each location will feature a Maserati service center along with an onsite Maserati master technician who will oversee diagnostic and repair work as well as help train service technicians.

“When a client like Maserati shares its vision and business goals with us, we can explore a variety of new and innovative solutions that drive more informed decision-making and greater efficiencies,” said Kevin Chartier, vice president of enterprise sales for Cox Automotive. “This partnership is the direct result of how deep collaboration between our companies can deliver win-win results.”  

Manheim New Jersey will also manage and administer Maserati’s company car program, including facilitating new vehicle exchanges with Maserati employees and preparing returned units for sale at auction.  

Maserati and its financial partner are also sending Maserati off-lease maturities which are not purchased by lessees or grounding dealers to Manheim, where the units can be reconditioned, repaired and auctioned via OVE, Simulcast Everywhere and in-lane sales.

Maserati franchise dealers nationwide will be able to ship their off-lease inventory to six Manheim locations across the country as part of the deal – Manheim San Francisco, Manheim Riverside, Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth, Manheim Atlanta, Manheim New Jersey, and Manheim Palm Beach.