Manheim’s online tool that delivers real-time sales statistics and historical data for sellers has registered 2,000 clients.

More than 680 run lists have been printed from the online tool and roughly 12,046 floor prices have been updated across all Manheim locations, according to the company.

Seller Dashboard, which was launched in spring, is an online tool that is designed to:

  • Access a comprehensive snapshot of all their registered vehicles across Manheim channels.
  • Acquire current vehicle information such as national and regional MMR, floor, age days, and times run.
  • Get key stats, including gross and percentage sales, total run, sold, IF sales, no sales, and floor variance.
  • Obtain an auction run list and block summary.
  • View and update floor pricing.
  • Generate, print and export customized reports that can be shared with others.

“Manheim’s digital offerings are focused on helping our dealers, sellers and buyers, develop more economical operations, expand their buying radius, increase vehicle access and mitigate risk,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of Manheim’s Digital Inventory Solutions.