Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Manheim Tucson and several franchise dealers from Southern Arizona raised over $30,000 for a dealer-only charity car auction to benefit a dropout prevention program. 

The program, Youth on Their Own, helps homeless youths graduate from high school and pursue opportunities for self-sufficiency, according to Manheim.

Manheim Tucson received 35 vehicle donations from local dealers who supported the event. More than 250 dealers attended the auction, both in person and online. All funds from the sales of the vehicles, including buy fees, were donated to Youth on Their Own.

The Tucson operation has donated more than $110,000 to the non-profit in the past three years.

“The best long-term way to give back to the community is to ensure young people have access to as many opportunities as possible to succeed,” said Michael Cleveland, general manager of Manheim Tucson. “We’ve been supporting Youth on Their Own for years and we’re sure to continue doing this event in the future. Dealers from all across the region show up to make a difference in the lives of Arizona’s teenagers.”