Liquid Motors has launched a fleet marketing service to help fleet management companies provide upstream remarketing to their customers.

The service includes an easy to use mobile inspection application for drivers to perform self-inspections as well as a secure online portal for drivers, employees, grounding dealers and wholesalers to purchase vehicles that are being turned-in. The vehicle can also be offered on the major online marketplace via the Liquid Motors’ One-Click Wholesale Service.

"We were approached by several fleet management companies regarding leveraging our upstream wholesale marketing services," said Michael Daseke, president and CEO. "The results of those discussions culminated in the development of a comprehensive fleet marketing service to overcome the challenges of getting photos of the vehicle and vehicle condition data for fleet vehicles and to help sell more fleet vehicles earlier in the remarketing process."

When a vehicle is about to be turned in, drivers are sent notifications when they need to complete an inspection. Once they install the mobile inspection application for Android or iPhone, the driver can leverage the wizard based application to confirm the VIN and color of their vehicle, enter the current mileage, take specified photos and answer a variety of questions.  

"Fleet management companies are looking to provide more value to their customers," said Cynthia Meyer, Vice President of Sales at Liquid Motors. “Selling fleet vehicles to drivers and employees provides a great employment benefit to their customer’s employees and selling more vehicles earlier in the remarketing process provides a large financial benefit as well.”

Drivers, employees, grounding dealers, and wholesalers can log in to a secure portal to view fleet vehicles available to them.  The fleet management company can define when vehicles are available to each distinct group of users and at what price. Buyer’s assistance links are available on the site for financing, extended warranty, transportation and auto insurance and listings have links to buy a CARFAX report.  Once a user is ready to buy a vehicle, the system can require a credit card deposit for each distinct buyer type.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet