The National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) along with KAR Auction Services, Inc., a provider of used-vehicle auction services, announced that KAR has licensed its Safe T. Sam safety program for use by NAAA member auctions. Through NAAA, all member auctions will have access to various components of the safety program that has demonstrated success for KAR and its group of companies.

“Today safety is not an option; it’s a must,” said Ellie Johnson, NAAA’s chairman and immediate-past president. Johnson made safety a top focus of her term as president, and current NAAA President Mike Browning is continuing on this same path toward improved safety.

“We at NAAA have always believed in promoting and improving safer conditions in the auto auction industry,” said Johnson. “We want our auctions to be a safe place to work and do business by encouraging and supporting more ongoing education and training efforts like KAR’s Safe T. Sam safety program.”

Johnson formed the NAAA Safety Committee and charged the group with researching safety within the industry and developing a comprehensive strategy to reduce the number of accidents on the auction lot and in the auction lanes. The committee, which includes representatives from Manheim®, ADESA® and independent auctions, unanimously agreed on the adoption of KAR’s program after researching existing options.

NAAA will introduce the program in stages, starting with familiarizing auction personnel with the Safe T. Sam safety mascot and mentor. The next step will be the adoption of the safety vest policy. High-visibility safety vests, rated for varying level of speeds, will be offered for purchase through NAAA’s website. The yellow or orange vests are uniform in type and color and expected use: whenever employees and temporary workers are in traffic areas or are operating vehicles.

At the start of 2016, NAAA will implement a series of Safe T. Sam training videos, which includes standardized messages for all employees and specialized messages based on an employee’s role. The seven- to 12-minute videos are followed by a short quiz for adoption.

KAR developed its safety program in 2012 and rolled it out for use by all employees enterprise-wide by 2013.