Akron Auto Auction site. (PHOTO: ServNet)

Akron Auto Auction site. (PHOTO: ServNet)

The ServNet Auction Group has announced the addition of the Akron Auto Auction to its network of premier independent auto auctions. ServNet President Patty Stanley made the announcement as the group prepares to meet with industry partners at the 2015 NAAA Convention in Orlando, Fla.

“It continues to be our goal to identify the best independent auto auctions in markets not currently covered by one of our ServNet member auctions, and we are delighted to announce that Akron Auto Auction is now a member of the ServNet Auction Group,” said Stanley. “As one of the auction industry’s pioneer facilities, tracing its beginnings back to 1945, Akron Auto Auction has played an important role in the market for seventy years, incorporating service, commitment and innovation to produce superior results for its customers. I join with the other ServNet auction owners in welcoming Akron Auto Auction and look forward to working in collaboration with Auction Owner and President Chad M. Bailey and his auction team.”

Akron Auto Auction was founded at the close of World War II, in 1945, opening as an expanded gas station on East Avenue in Akron, where it operated successfully until 1966. Needing more space to accommodate a growing market, the auction operated out of a pair of spacious Quonset huts on West Waterloo Road until 1979 when it opened an all-new facility at its present location on Ley Drive in Akron.

Today, Akron Auto Auction runs six lanes with four separate buildings on 30 acres. The facility includes a full transportation department, reconditioning department, inspection department, and floor planning services. Each Tuesday, an average of 1,200 vehicles cross the block, including consignments from banks, fleet/lease companies and GSA, as well as vehicles from new and used car dealers from all over the Midwest. The auction also leads the industry in remarketing vehicles online, having been named the top seller for OVE.com for two years running. Fifty years after its founding, Akron Auto Auction continues to command its market, led by third generation owner Chad M. Bailey, Jeff Bailey, Rick Wakefield, Joel Hamsher, Tricia Short, and Randy Linsted, whose father, Gary Linsted was also one of the original owners in the company along with Chad’s grandfather Don Bailey.

“We are very pleased to join the ServNet Auction Group, and to be part of a network of auctions that continues to set the bar for leadership and service to the industry,” said Bailey. “I look forward to collaborating with the ServNet auction owners as well as working with ServNet’s executive team to expand Akron Auto Auction’s influence and opportunities on both a regional and national level.”