ADESA Golden Gate's award-winning team. (PHOTO: ADESA)

ADESA Golden Gate's award-winning team. (PHOTO: ADESA)

ADESA, a business unit of KAR Auction Services, Inc., announced that ADESA Golden Gate was named Auction of the Year for 2014 by VW Credit, Inc. (VCI). This was the most recent of numerous honors earned by the San Francisco Bay–area auction.

VCI chose its Auction of the Year recipient based on year-round measurements of key performance indicators.

ADESA Golden Gate was also honored with LeasePlan’s 2014 Stellar Performance award and with General Motors’ Overall Achievement awards for December, January and March.

“We are honored that so many of our industry partners are noticing the outstanding level of service ADESA Golden Gate offers,” said Stéphane St-Hilaire, ADESA president and CEO. “I want to congratulate General Manager Jeff Hoyt and everyone at the auction for their commitment to our customers.”

“I am very proud of our team,” said Jeff Hoyt, general manager of ADESA Golden Gate, “and so very happy to have a great staff that is committed to the success of our auction.”