XLerate Group's Mid-South Auction celebrated the reopening of its auction arena and updated facilities as it also introduces Tim Brantley, the auctions new general manager, to the community.

Mid-South Auction's "Grand Re-Opening" on January 27 offered sellers and buyers a chance to reap the benefits of remarketing and buying cars in a brand new arena. The arena now features drop ceilings to enhance lane acoustics with new cameras and software to improve the online dealer experience. 

Cam Hitchcock, XLerate's CEO, commented, "In April a tornado hit our Mid-South Auction and did extensive damage to the auction arena.  We took the opportunity to not only rebuild the auction but also to build a completely new and upgraded arena.  Mid-South's new arena will provide one the nicest auction environments in the region for our dealers in the South to buy and sell cars." 

Darris McClure, president and COO of XLerate added, "Tim was born and raised in Mississippi.  Prior to joining Mid-South, Brantley spent 38 years with numerous remarketing assignments with GMAC/Ally.  With his relationships in the Mississippi auto dealer community and experience on the sell side of the remarketing industry, we were honored that he chose to join XLerate as our newest General Manager."

"I have been welcomed back to my home state with open arms by Mid-South Auction staff and dealers alike," said Mid-South GM Tim Brantley.  "I am grateful to come into such a skilled and bonded family of employees.  This auction weathered the storm and came out stronger and closer than ever. You'll feel an enhanced energy in our lanes and with our sale.  The hard work has paid off, and we have a brand new year to show you the new Mid-South Auction!"