FLD Inc. launched it's new website with an updated design.

FLD Inc. launched it's new website with an updated design.

FLD, Inc. has launched a newer, more user-friendly version of its website, www.fldinc.com aimed at promoting user engagement with enhanced functionality and design.

The new website will further assist FLD customers in all aspects of remarketing and inventory management to ultimately help them determine the most cost-efficient strategy for their business. In addition, site visitors will have access to a depreciation calculator, relevant industry news, and informational videos.

“We have successfully been able to tap into a much more advanced way to showcase all aspects of our company,” said Gary Mott, vice president of FLD.FLD strives to be the leader in remarketing technology, so we wanted to be sure that our core business values and vision would be reflected in this new website.”

Revamping the website is one of several recent initiatives FLD has taken this year to ensure enhanced productivity and customer engagement through advanced technology. In January, FLD released the latest version of OnceOVR™, an electronic condition reporting smartphone app. This app includes specialized inventory management and fleet audit functionality aimed at alleviating the issues faced by fleet managers and strategic sourcing and procurement professionals nationwide. 

To learn more, visit www.fldinc.com or call (800) 754-1522.