TruckPlanet, an online marketplace for buying and selling used commercial trucks, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its first online auction.

Since its launch, TruckPlanet has sold more than $70 million worth of trucks and trailers – including day cabs, sleepers, cargo trucks, refrigerated trucks, trailers, and more. More than 900 sellers throughout North America sold their trucks to more than 2,600 buyers around the globe through TruckPlanet.

“We are excited to celebrate the success of our first year, and we are pleased with how the market has enthusiastically received TruckPlanet,” said Randy Berry, president of TruckPlanet. “Our weekly online auctions give truck sellers faster time to cash and provide buyers with regular access to our strong commercial truck inventory. TruckPlanet’s online marketplace is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional auctions, and our guaranteed inspection reports allow buyers to purchase with confidence.”

IronPlanet launched TruckPlanet in 2013 to bring its marketplace success to the North American trucking industry. By extending its online expertise and weekly sales platform to buyers and sellers of used commercial trucks, truck fleet managers now have a consistent and flexible solution for fleet disposal without the time and costs associated with traditional physical auctions.

In addition to the weekly auctions, TruckPlanet offers sellers multiple options tailored to fit their disposal requirements including one-owner liquidations, the Daily Marketplace with reserve prices, a full-service brokerage, and appraisal services.

TruckPlanet hosts online auctions of commercial trucks every Thursday at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. For more information about TruckPlanet, visit

Originally posted on Work Truck Online