As co-owner of two ServNet auctions -- Carolina Auto Auction and Indiana Auto Auction -- Patty Stanley has been an outstanding contributor to the remarketing community and auction industry for more than four decades.



Working closely with her husband, industry veteran Henry Stanley, Patty manages office operations, and her focus on customer service, consistency, and operational excellence has shaped the success of both auction facilities.

Since 2005, Carolina Auto Auction has been named top auction in the nation five times for BB&T and four times for FISERV/RSA. In its first year of eligibility, Indiana Auto Auction placed second in RSA's rankings in 2011, following up in 2012 as the No. 1 auction in the nation. In 2012 rankings, Carolina Auto Auction was named Auction of the Year for Donlen, best regional auction for ARI, and top performer in customer service and operational excellence for FISERV. 

Stanley's dedication to the auction business extends to the industry as well. She has served as the Southern Zone President of the NAAA, has chaired the Convention Committee multiple times, and has worked tirelessly as a member of the NAAA's Board of Directors. She was recognized as one of the Women in Remarketing in 2013. She has also played an increasingly influential role as a member of ServNet's board and this year takes on new responsibilities with a two-year term as ServNet's president. 

Stanley's focus for the term of her presidency will be to continue the development of the technological initiatives that were launched during the term of her predecessor, R. Charles Nichols, who now serves as ServNet's Chairman of the Board. 

"Enhanced technology tools are critical in today's marketplace, said Stanley. "The more technology we have at our disposal and the more sophisticated the applications, the better able we are as a group to maintain continuity as well as to meet the needs and expectations of our customers." Stanley indicates that ServNet technology committee will work closely with AASC and Auto IMS in the coming months to build a strong analytics package, develop online applications, enhance efficiencies and affect competitive advantages.

"With these tools in-hand and backed by the proven superiority of ServNet auctions' performance in the marketplace, we will continue to grow our customer base on the local, regional and national level," said Stanley. "From the dealership doing business with the ServNet auction in their area to national remarketers who use ServNet auctions throughout the country with the convenience of a national contract, all our customers benefit from the attention of individual owners and hands-on service." 

Stanley also stressed that she will be keeping a keen eye on the new CFPB regulations and their impact on compliance issues at the ServNet auctions selling repossessed vehicles for financial institution customers. 

"It's exciting to look down the road and envision new avenues for ServNet's growth and development," said Stanley. "The collaboration among the owners of the 31 ServNet auctions is both inspiring and energizing, and I look forward to working with them all to build ServNet's presence in the marketplace."

The ServNet Auction Group is a network of America's best strategically located independently-owned wholesale auto auctions. Since 1988, ServNet member auctions have been working together to provide a full range of remarketing services to its customers, including the best auctioneers, inspections, reconditioning, transportation assistance and inventory financing. The ServNet Auction Group is managed by TPC Management with headquarters in Franklin, Tenn.