As ServNet prepares for the yearly gathering of auction operators and members of the remarketing industry at the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) Convention in Indianapolis, ServNet's Chairman of the Board Jeff Brasher and President R. Charles Nichols reflected on ServNet's growth and development during their years of service on ServNet's Board of Directors. 

"In observing our 25th anniversary year, we have with great pride recognized ServNet's tremendous growth since its founding in 1988," said Nichols. "While meeting with customers and industry leaders throughout the year, we have had many occasions to review our history and mark the progress we have made both in terms of numbers and market share."

ServNet was founded in 1988 with 10 auctions. Over the ensuing 25 years, the group has evolved into a network of the nation's top auctions, now 32 members strong, with locations dotting the map from coast to coast.

"But, we feel that one of the greatest measures of our success as a group is ServNet's organic growth, due to expansions from within our membership," explained Brasher. "During my term of service on ServNet's Board, the auction industry has faced one of the most challenging economic periods in our history. Yet, with entrepreneurial skill, ServNet owners took advantage of those difficult market conditions to expand, rather than contract, growing our numbers from within with very successful new auction locations."