Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) announced the top performing auctions through its Auction Recognition Program for 2012. Award categories include Best Overall High CPS Volume Auction, Highest Retention, Best Fleet Lease Department, Best Overall Low CPS Volume Auction, and a Special Recognition Award, according to CPS. This year’s winners include the following:

North Bay Auto Auction, for the Best Overall Auction (High CPS volume) category: After winning the Highest Retention Award in 2011, North Bay Auto Auction put the whole package together to win the Best Overall Auction Award for the first time, CPS stated.

CPS said it would like to recognize the entire staff that takes part in the day-to-day operations leading up to a sale. The staff, led by GM David Aahl, consists of Fleet Lease Manager Greg Straw, Fleet Lease Director Tony Bruno, Nicole Bazzell in accounting, Maria Ybanez in redemptions, Clay Bazzell and Roland Sliskevics lot crew, Heath Parks in the mechanical shop, and Andy Pahoulis in arbitration. CPS said these individuals are the driving force behind this auction.

Working together they achieved an average of 88.32% of Black Book throughout 2012, which placed North Bay AA in the top five for the CPS ranking system. North Bay AA sold more than 11% of the CPS vehicles through online channels in 2012 and arbitrations were almost nonexistent, according to CPS. That, along with outstanding customer service, made North Bay Auto Auction the Best Overall Auction for CPS in 2012.

ABC Birmingham, Highest Retention category: ABC Birmingham, headed up by Executive VP Jim Phillips, GM Russ Sapp, AGM Roy Caldwell and inside coordinator Alison Fagan, finished 2012 with a 90.53% of average Black Book, CPS stated. All vehicles are included in this figure, including inoperables, which CPS said speaks volumes as to the sales effectiveness at this auction. The entire staff is customer-service-driven and strives to do the best possible job for all of their clients, according to CPS. Throughout the year, ABC Birmingham has kept the lanes full of dealers for every CPS sale. Their marketing techniques and online dealer participation helped drive up the prices, according to CPS, and they sold about 10% of CPS vehicles via the internet.

Manheim Central Florida, Best Fleet Lease Department: This is the fourth time Manheim Central Florida has earned this award. The team at Central Florida works diligently to provide outstanding customer service and to ensure that every detail of the CPS account is in order, according to the company.

GM Butch Herdegen, Auction Manager Doug Kramer, Commercial Accounts Manager Chris Clute, Tuesday night sale and TRA Manager Brian Flackler, Outside Coordinator Angel Alicea and Inside Coordinator Kellie Moscoso are all instrumental in this auction’s success, CPS stated.

“Kellie is one of the best account coordinators that I have dealt with across the country,” said CPS Remarketing Manager Mike Scott. “She has all aspects of the account covered and everything is taken care of before you ask for it. She is truly a dedicated individual.”

Manheim Central Florida finished 2012 in 5th place for sales retention with a Black Book percentage of 87.58%. Additionally, over 12% of the CPS vehicles were sold online.

Adesa Seattle, Best Overall Auction (Low CPS Volume): Sales results, 91.93% of average Black Book, and great customer service propelled Adesa Seattle to their first CPS Auction Recognition Award, according to CPS.

Fleet Lease Administrator Nicole Barker and Commercial Accounts Manager Dan Watts have done a fantastic job with the CPS account, the company stated. CPS added that even with CPS being a smaller account at their sale, they still provided all of the necessary resources to ensure top notch sales results and flawless customer service.

Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction, Special Recognition Award: Between the legal requirements to pick up a vehicle to the geographical terrain, the state of Louisiana is one of the more challenging areas to repossess and sell vehicles in the country, CPS stated. Based on these issues, an often less-than-perfect inventory, continued improvement year over year, and a strong retention rate for 2012, CPS said it is happy to recognize the ongoing, outstanding job Louisiana’s 1st Choice AA has provided the company over the years.

CPS said that auction owner John Poteet, GM Don Sistrunk, and Inside Coordinator Linda Castillo all strive to do an outstanding job and have shown they have CPS’s best interest at heart. This past year, Louisiana’s 1st Choice AA led the CPS sales retention rankings for much of 2012, ending up with an average Black Book percentage of 87.55% and almost 8% of CPS vehicles were sold via online sales and the company said this sale is a great fit for CPS inventory.

“In conclusion, CPS wants to thank all of our auctions this past year,” the company stated. “We value our business partnerships and look forward to another great year in 2013.”