FLD, Inc., one of the largest privately held automobile remarketing companies in the United States, has announced the launch of eCR (electronic condition report), the first smartphone app guaranteed to provide fleet managers the true fair market value of their vehicles.

The patent-pending app runs independently and places no demand on a fleet manager’s existing IT structure or personnel resources. Instead, eCR allows users to instantly capture critical data value points in the field, enabling them to gather more accurate, legible and timely information about an asset’s real-time condition so that a true fair market value can be established. eCR also eliminates the need for third-party inspection services, thereby reducing driver downtime as there is no idle waiting time for scheduled appointments.

Data captured via eCR is immediately uploaded onto FLD’s secure WebAccess fleet remarketing system, accessible via any Web browser, and fleet managers are notified within 24 hours of the asset’s true fair market value. From there, fleet managers are able to track market changes through a vehicle’s lifecycle, monitor driver performance, and, most importantly, make critical remarketing decisions about the asset. eCR transforms the antiquated paper-driven and labor-intensive condition reporting hassle into a streamlined, time-efficient process that can be done virtually at any time and at any location.

“eCR simplifies the condition reporting process and allows fleet managers to redefine their fair market value metrics, operate a leaner and more efficient resale process, and obtain a higher actual cash value on their assets,” said Gary Mott, vice president of FLD. “Our company is committed to being on the forefront of fleet remarketing technology, and this app is one more step in helping fleet managers save time and resources while maximizing their asset’s selling price.”

eCR is currently available as a free download on Android smartphones, with the iPhone-compatible app expected to launch by early April.

For more information about FLD, visit www.fleetlease.com or call 1-800-754-1522.

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