2020 IARA Summer Roundtable Goes Virtual

Graphic: IARA

The International Automotive Remarketing Alliance (IARA) has announced that it will be transitioning its 2020 IARA Summer Roundtable Conference to be the 2020 IARA Virtual Summer Roundtable

This will replace the original event that was scheduled for August 18-20 in San Antonio, TX, and will add many features that would not have been included in the traditional format, the IARA said. The 2020 IARA Virtual Summer Roundtable is expected to take place during the general timeframe as the originally scheduled meeting, and those details will be announced as the agenda and dates are finalized.

The IARA revised its strategy for the 2020 IARA Summer Roundtable Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic and corporate travel restrictions.

"IARA’s first consideration is the health and safety of its members and guests. The Alliance is stronger than ever, and we aim to keep it that way," said IARA President Paul Seger.

The upcoming event will offer a virtual expo hall and unique sponsor positioning, opportunities for interactions between attendees, relevant topics and quality keynote speakers, plus bonus features and materials that will be available to registrants even after the conference is over.

“The industry is hungry for information, and the IARA is primed to provide leadership and content for this very important lifecycle of the remarketing industry,” said Seger.

“We’ve had very positive feedback about our recent webinar series, ‘The Road to Recovery,’ but the virtual conference will be a major event that will take us to next level and reflect IARA’s prominence as ‘The Voice of the Consignor,'" added IARA Executive Director Tony Long.

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