To generate the largest return on investment for company-owned vehicles, it’s critical for companies to use a multi-channel resale strategy. By definition, a multi-channel approach involves evaluating all channels — trade-ins, auctions, or reselling the vehicle to a dealer. In the days of tight margins and increasing budgetary pressures, return on investment for company assets is a crucial, bottom-line consideration for every fleet decision, including the resale value of each vehicle in the fleet.

Most companies with fleets of more than 20 vehicles would benefit by having a partner to spearhead a multi-channel resale program. Additionally, having a partner with a non-centralized operation will result in better insight into the fleet and the vehicle needs of the local market. Locally based fleet management personnel can leverage personal relationships with dealers to help fleets realize maximum resale values, forecast for the best time to sell, and determine the optimal resale channel for each vehicle (e.g., auction or dealer).

By Enterprise Fleet Management