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KAR's Openlane Unit Gives Charitable Donations

KAR's Openlane business unit has donated to two charitable organizations.

KAR Global's Openlane digital marketplace has given $10,000 in donations to two organizations and will launch an employee engagement initiative in 2020 to support coding education in Canada, the business unit has announced.


Acertus Sets Up Vehicle Transportation Platform

Acertus has launched a new vehicle transportation platform for shippers, including fleet...

Vehicle logistics provider Acertus has launched a transportation management platform that allows vehicle manufacturers and shippers such as fleet management companies to better manage the process of moving vehicles between locations.


Manheim Updates Inspection Technology

The new inspection devices will be equipped with 4G connectivity to provide added mobility for...

The goal of the new platform, noted Manheim, is to provide a faster and more consistent inspection. One way that it will attempt to do this is through a methodical inspection guide.


KBB Offers API for 5-Year Cost to Own Data

KBB stated that OEMs, dealers, website publishers, and auto industry product developers can reach out to the company in order to begin the process of incorporating its five-year TCO data onto their websites.


ADESA Partners with FCA for Simulcast Sale

ADESA launched its simulcast platform earlier this year. The platform has allowed dealers to...

As part of FCA’s national certified pre-owned vehicle dealer meeting, ADESA launched four simulcast sales from four of its auction locations: ADESA Golden Gate, ADESA Indianapolis, ADESA Kansas City, and ADESA Las Vegas.


ADESA Adds Recommendations Carousel to Homepage

Available to eligible subscribing customers on, the Recommendations carousel was...

Auction and reconditioning services provider ADESA (div. KAR Auction Services Inc.) announced the launch of Recommendations, a new solution billed as the industry’s first personalized vehicle carousel for used-vehicle dealers.


ACV Auctions Unveils Undercarriage Imaging Tool

The new tool will arrive at ACV Auctions VCIs beginning in August. Customers will start to see...

The device comes in the form of a low-profile tool that uses ACV's mobile hardware and software technology to provide high-resolution bumper-to-bumper view and image of a vehicle's undercarriage in less than one minute.


IAA Acquires Lien and Title Tech Firm

IAA has acquired DDI Technology, an electronic lien and title technology firm that is directly integrated with over 4,400 financial institutions and DMVs in 26 states.