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Lease approval rates registered 67.3% for in March, which were 2% higher than the month before and signify a possible upswing in approval rates, according to the company.

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Lease Approval Rates Fall 4% in January

The decline came as a result of a higher-than-average number of applicants in January. More people looking to get into a lease during the month, allowed for a higher number of people to not qualify for a lease, according

Lease Credit Approvals Fall Below 50% in Septemer

Lease credit approval fell to 47.6% in September, the lowest percentage of the year and a noticeable drop from the 68.3% that was reported in August, according to car lease marketplace

Lease Credit Approvals Fall 14.5% From June

Approvals for vehicle leases fell 14.5% to 54.3% in July from the prior month partly because an influx of students with lower credit scores applied for vehicle leases ahead of the college school year, reports

Lease Approvals Bounce Back

About 68.8% of the people that applied for leases in June were approved, a 20% improvement over the month before, according to car lease marketplace

Lease Activity Flattens Out in 2017

Auto lease activity remained essentially flat, compared to the previous several quarters, according to, an online marketplace that allows consumers to transfer their lease contracts with other interested individuals.

Lease Credit Approvals Jump 33.3% in February

Car lease credit applicants registered a 72.2% approval rate in February, a 33.3% increase from January’s 50% approval rate but flat with a year ago, according to

Lease Credit Approvals Dip in March, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports car lease credit approvals are lower again after a hike in February levels. Auto lease credit approvals for the month of March finished at 66.7%, down from the February mark of 70%.