ADESA announced that CarsArrive, an industry leader in transportation options, has successfully been integrated at all ADESA U.S. auction locations.

“When we acquired OPENLANE, we were pleased to also gain the fully automated transportation solution in the industry, CarsArrive,” said Tom Caruso, president and CEO of ADESA. “During the last 12 months, we invested the resources to execute this complete integration. It’s a big success, and we are now able to offer a top technology transportation platform available on the market today at all of our ADESA U.S. auction locations.”

The pioneer of online transportation transactions with more than 16 years in business, CarsArrive is completely integrated in every aspect of the transportation marketplace. With more than 4,500 transport companies and 30,000 trucks in its network, the company is well-equipped to handle the needs of all of ADESA’s U.S. auction locations.

“CarsArrive is now delivering approximately 1 million used vehicles annually, and ADESA is an excellent addition to our current portfolio of customers,” said Michael Briggs, president and CEO of CarsArrive. “I am excited to offer them our cutting-edge transportation and logistics technology, which is strengthened by our size, scope and nearly two decades in the transportation industry.”

The CarsArrive Internet-based platform consolidates shipments and optimizes both full and partial loads in real time—offering the most efficient option for the buyer, the seller and the carrier. Its customized dashboard supplies real-time data and analytics to customers and provides complete end-to-end transparency. This includes instant access to price quotes and delivery times as well as notification of available shipments.

A similar implementation has already been started at all ADESA auction locations in Canada. This implementation will be completed by year’s end.