REDWOOD CITY, CA – In its continued effort to provide customers with the most efficient and cost-effective recovery management software solution, Recovery Database Network (RDN) announced that it has integrated its application with MasterFiles, a leading data service provider of public records information for the purposes of debt collection, asset recovery and creditworthiness.

Users are now able to access MasterFiles data seamlessly through RDN’s specialized recovery software solution. This unique setup will make it even easier for RDN users to search for and receive information concerning vehicles sought for recovery. Several other enhancements, including the ability to make transferable notes directly from within MasterFiles reports, have also been made to further increase ease of use and maximize user experience.

“Given the high costs associated with the recovery of vehicles, it’s more important than ever to have the most accurate data available to verify address information,” said Todd Hodnett, President and CEO of RDN.  “This real-time, web service application comes complete with skip-tracing data aggregation, effectively allowing RDN users to access debtor information more readily,” he continued.

Searches will be performed just as if they had been conducted from within the MasterFiles interface. Users can begin to access data through RDN simply by establishing an active account with the company. A username and password are all that’s required to begin. Subscribers will be assessed no additional fees by RDN for this service as billing will be managed completely by MasterFiles.

“We are excited to offer this streamlined search capability, said MasterFiles national sales manager, Alex Price. “In working with RDN to provide access to the MasterFiles platform, users can now view data from within their recovery management software, allowing them to save time, save money, and be more successful in their recovery efforts.”

Training materials are available to assist users and can be obtained through RDN. Users can also request a one-on-one training session through MasterFiles upon request.