WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ – BMW Financial Services recently partnered with Manheim to host the automaker’s first Simulcast Everywhere Sale. Seventy BMW Franchised buyers entered more than 3,000 total bids in this first-of-its-kind sale format, designed to allow BMW Financial Services to sell vehicles directly from any location. The sales event, featuring vehicles from Manheim’s North Jersey Distribution Center, Manheim Ohio and Manheim Greer, took place at Manheim Ohio, on June 25. BMW Financial Services sold 84 percent of the vehicles offered.

“BMW Financial Services has partnered with Manheim on many other products before because Manheim routinely introduces revolutionary technology to the industry,” said Rich Perkowski, regional auction operations manager for BMW Group Financial Services. “Our first Simulcast Everywhere Sale attracted BMW Franchise buyers from a national perspective and BMW Financial Services was satisfied with the sales volume. Simulcast Everywhere definitely marks a new era in automotive remarketing, and we are looking forward to future successful sales.” 

Last year, BMW Financial Services and Manheim partnered on a new iPad technology that provides BMW Financial Services with data and real-time selling analysis, delivering valuable sales data from Manheim locations across the entire country to reps’ fingertips. The technology also allows BMW Financial Services to reposition inventory based on the market strength. 

“Technological innovations such as Simulcast Everywhere drive us to continually develop solutions that make it easier for our customers to do business with Manheim,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president, customer management, Manheim. “It’s wonderful to have such successful sales results with BMW Financial Services on their first-ever Simulcast Everywhere sale.” 

Simulcast Everywhere enables BMW Financial Services to sell vehicles directly from their facilities through an entirely virtual sale process, eliminating the need to physically transport vehicles to an auction location for sale. As a result, Simulcast Everywhere gives buyers access to a nationwide pool of available sellers while reducing transportation and logistics costs.