ATLANTA –  AutoIMS has developed an integrated system to manage inventory through digital and in-lane selling venues. This new “Hub” technology extends proven AutoIMS in-lane inventory management tools to the digital sales world with – the industry’s leading 24/7 bid or buy now wholesale vehicle marketplace – is a key part of Manheim’s digital marketplace and a leading internet selling platform in the wholesale vehicle remarketing industry. now leverages AutoIMS Hub technology so that units can be posted directly online. The Hub also provides visibility to existing online inventory posted by other methods, even prior to physical auction arrival. Consignors can now access key details about inventory on, communicate online floor pricing and run consolidated reports – inclusive of online bid and sale activity – directly through AutoIMS. Auction users have the same added conveniences and will be able to use existing, electronic condition report data to seamlessly post inventory online.

“We’re excited and committed to enhancing the competitive bidding element of the vehicle remarketing industry, and we believe the AutoIMS Hub and our partnership with them marks an important step in that direction,” said Joe George, senior vice president of product development at Manheim. “Remarketers have always embraced new ways to create optimal marketplaces, and this recent AutoIMS innovation is a great example of how we, as an industry, are continuing that tradition.”

The AutoIMS Hub launch is well-timed as remarketing volumes begin to rebound and commercial consignors of all types continue to increase their use of online selling venues. Through its support of the Hub, the auction industry is showing that it understands the growing importance of online channels and is dedicated to providing a seamless remarketing inventory management platform to institutional sellers.

Joe Miller, AutoIMS director of customer service explains, “AutoIMS has made it easier for auctions and sellers to communicate about physical sales throughout North America for over a decade. Now our advanced analysis tools and communications infrastructure can be used to manage the growing number of online sales.”

AutoIMS offers customers many benefits: it streamlines the inventory management process; it attracts more bidders, gives customers more control and empowers customers with more real-time information so they can make intelligent and informed decisions about inventory more efficiently than ever before.

“Manheim is enthusiastic about the value that this partnership will bring to our national account base,” said Rick Pomeroy, Manheim’s vice president of national client sales support. “AutoIMS is a vital piece of the inventory puzzle, and since more commercial sellers are adopting an ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach to selling, this integration will continue to be an important priority for the Manheim team.”

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