ATLANTA – Manheim recently partnered with Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC, the first luxury automotive manufacturer to use Manheim’s Simulcast Everywhere technology, on their third sale held on July 24. The company sold 100 percent of Land Rover and 88 percent of Jaguar units offered, attracting over 50 Jaguar and Land Rover franchised dealers. This sale marks the most successful Simulcast Everywhere sale for Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC.  

“It’s important for our retailers to have a consistent flow of fresh inventory available to purchase in a closed sale format,” said Leo Ioannidis, national auction coordinator, Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC. “At Jaguar Land Rover, we consider Manheim our business partner, so we’re eager to embrace new technology in order to help shape it. By using Simulcast Everywhere, we hope to get our vehicles to market faster and meet the growing demands of our loyal customers. We’re looking forward to our next Simulcast Everywhere Sale on September 25.”

Simulcast Everywhere technology enables Manheim customers to sell vehicles directly from their lots, eliminating the need to physically transport vehicles to an auction location for sale. This means that sellers, buyers and vehicles from any location can participate in the sale virtually. As a result, Simulcast Everywhere gives buyers access to a nationwide pool of available seller inventory while reducing transportation and logistics costs.

“Our goal is to continue to create new technology for Jaguar Land Rover and all of our customers, supporting their purchasing and sales activities,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president, customer management, Manheim. “At Manheim, our top priority is to provide customers with quick, accurate and more convenient ways to conduct business.”

During a Simulcast Everywhere sale, a still picture of the vehicle is displayed with a live audio stream of the auctioneer calling each vehicle. A vehicle bid log constantly displays up-to-date price and sale activity. In addition, general vehicle details, quick access to condition reports and the full run list of vehicles are all available onscreen at a glance. The Jaguar Land Rover sale also featured the sale of a unique Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition, marking its place as one of the most expensive vehicles ever sold on Simulcast Everywhere, selling for more than $115,000.