MOBILE, AL - The staff at Dealer’s Auto Auctions – Murfreesboro hosted an inaugural Government Services Administration sale to a strong crowd of dealers and public buyers of GSA vehicles.

This was the first of two inaugural sales for the Dealer’s Auto Auction family of auctions, with the second GSA event held Thursday, August 23 at their facility in Mobile, Ala.

“I expected a large turnout of buyers, but was still surprised at how strong the showing was for our first public sale venture at both Murfreesboro and Mobile. Our dealers showed in force, and it was
really good to see the new faces from our communities coming to our auctions for the first time,” said DAA Owner David Andrews, who attended both sale events.

“We are proud that Dealer’s Auto Auctions – Mobile was able to bring the GSA sale to our area, providing a needed influx of late model, well-equipped fleet vehicles for our dealerships,” said General Manager Tom Holton. “We were able to register and run almost 100 more vehicles than we originally planned on, and that made our sale even more satisfying.”

Stephanie Baker, GM for Dealer’s Auto Auctions – Murfreesboro said that the GSA sale “provided a way to strengthen our relationship with our own community as we opened our doors to the general public.” Baker also stated “I am so proud of how our team managed to pull together a GSA sale on a tight timeline, and even prouder that we had such a successful turnout and mix of dealers and public buyers.”

The next GSA sales are scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 at Dealer’s Auto Auction – Murfreesboro in Tennessee and on Thursday, September 20 at Dealer’s Auto Auction – Mobile in Alabama.