MT. ARLINGTON, NJ - The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) announced its expansion into Canada. The IARA has become a meaningful partner to the automotive remarketing  community in the United States providing powerful communication channels and education for members of the used vehicle industry. With the expansion into Canada, many valuable assets and learnings will be made available to members at every level of the used vehicle supply chain. The IARA also actively promotes a code of ethics and encourages adherence to that as a guiding principle for all members.

The IARA, a not-for-profit organization, was created to build a robust pool of knowledge in the ever evolving area of used vehicles. The need for a central knowledge base is increasingly important as the industry enters a time when the supply of used vehicles is substantially reduced in comparison to past years. Another mandate of the IARA is to provide a single source to which the industry can look for information on developments in the remarketing world whether they be technical, training, or regulatory in nature.

To meet these goals a group of individuals with a broad range of industry-related experience have volunteered to be part of IARA in Canada. Many of these volunteers have organized into several sub-committees to support the IARA’s aspirations, these sub-committees cover the following areas; Education and Certification, Membership Development, Industry Recognition and Rewards, Technology and Standards, Public Relations. 

The organization in Canada is led by two industry experts who co-chair the IARA Canadian initiative; Steve Macaluso, director of corporate accounts with Carproof, and Lisa Scott, senior vice president at ADESA Canada.

The IARA is presently developing a Canadian version of its highly regarded Certified Automotive Remarketer Program (CAR)  designed to offer thorough training in all aspects of the remarketing process for people at all levels and aspects of the industry. As is already the case in the US, this Certification will serve as a means of identifying industry professionals and become a point of pride for those who complete it. The IARA will be making further announcements as development on the course material becomes available.

The IARA is currently accepting new members with two membership types offered, Institutional and Industry. Institutional members include automobile manufacturers, their finance companies, lessors, and other owners of vehicles. Industry members include various suppliers who support the Institutional community. Organizations interested are encouraged to contact Doug Collis, head of the membership development sub-committee. Collis can be reached by e-mail at or call (905) 845-2511.

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