BILLINGS, MT– Auto Auction of Montana and Xcira’s OnLine Ringman team responded to requests and suggestions from dealers and bidders to make small improvements to their system that are making a big difference to the user experience. Working with Auto Auction of Montana and their online bidders, Xcira has created an updated, highly intuitive bidding screen, which provides information in greater detail with a cleaner look and enhanced navigation options.

According to Steve Gertsch, IT Manager, at Auto Auction of Montana, OnLine Ringman’s redesigned bidding screen allows online customers to review the auction inventory at a more relaxed pace and make more deliberate bidding decisions.

“The new bidding screen has made a night and day difference in our online success,” said Gertsch.  “It is extremely easy to use, and I have received great positive feedback.” 

The new bidding screen now includes the following:

  • Expanded information.  An “On the Block” window now includes condition, equipment, and tire information. The information that can be provided here to online bidders is virtually unlimited.
  • Scrollable “On the Block” window.  Bidders can browse information by either scrolling, or by clicking static placeholders at the top of the window to jump directly to a particular section. 
  • Multiple Thumbnail views. The auction can now provide up to twenty thumbnail views of each car to go with the expanded lot detail.  Online bidders can hover over each of the thumbnails to get an enlarged view as well. 
  • Preview information for upcoming sales. Bidders can now access all the “on the block” information from the preview window as well.  The OnLine Ringman user can review the extensive detail provided on any car coming up for bid later in the auction.

“As one of the largest independent auctions in the Northwest, Auto Auction of Montana makes superior customer service its priority,” added Gertsch.  “Partnering with Xcira, we listened to the suggestions of our bidders across North America, and, as a result, have been able to provide them with an excellent online bidding experience.”

“Xcira is honored to work with market leaders like Auto Auction of Montana to revolutionize the way vehicles are bought and sold at auction,” said Jim Simmons, President at Xcira. He added, “Developing new technology with the valuable input of customers and users of the software, OnLine Ringman continues to drive the future of the automotive auction industry.”