GAINESVILLE, GA - According to the recent Beggs on the Market report, overall, cars declined an average of $13 per segment type, which translates to a meager -0.1% decline.

"It was a more stable car market across the segment types as the range of adjustments within the segments was the smallest since February, if the largest declining segment for the week, the Premium Sporty cars (PSC) at -$96, was excluded from the mix," according to Ricky Beggs, VP and managing editor for Black Book. "Otherwise, the Compact Cars (SCC) which increased by $13, down to the -$20 change for the Entry Sporty Cars (ESC), kept the variance pretty tight."

Trucks came in at a 50-percent level of increases and declines in value changes by segment type. The overall average segment change of -$14 or -0.11% was led by the $46 increase within the Full-size Crossovers (FXU) and the Full-size SUVs (FSU) at +$34. The Full-size SUVs are now on an eight-week run of increasing average change. The remaining five increasing segment types were all single digit increases. The Luxury SUVs (LSU) still led the declining segments at -$119 for the past week which was significantly less of a decline than the previous weekly change.

"The other declining trending we are tracking, which is a positive for our transportation expenses, is the price of gasoline at the pump," Beggs noted. "The price per gallon dropped $0.05 week over week to a national average of $3.87. This is a $0.07 drop in the last month and brings us to the lowest price since the week of March 19. Let’s hope this declining trend continues."

View the recent "Beggs on the Market" video below: