LINCOLN, NE - Customers at Nebraska Auto Auction are taking advantage of the latest advances in auction technology, and are now able to buy and sell vehicles online, thanks to AuctionPipeline.

Eric Bigler, auction president and owner, noted that the first lane at Nebraska Auto Auction went live with PipelineSimulcast in late January, and that a second lane was added in late February. With the addition of PiplineSimulcast to the auction’s third lane in March, all vehicles offered at Nebraska Auto Auction will be available for sale in the lane or online.

“Adding PipelineSimulcast to our array of auction services is an exciting step for Nebraska Auto Auction,” said Bigler.  “It makes it possible for any of our auction customers to attend the auction no matter where they are on sale day, because we’re essentially just a ‘click away’ from their computer.  With PipelineSimulcast, the constraints of distance and weather disappear, and we’ve expanded the exposure of the vehicles we offer in the auction lane well beyond traditional market boundaries.   We’ve added more eyes to the vehicles running in the lanes, and made it even easier for buyers to attend the auction!”

One buyer who appreciates the ease and convenient of online buying at Nebraska Auto Auction is Terry McCorkle of McCorkle Motors in McCook, Neb. McCorkle was the auction’s first online buyer at its first PipelineSimulcast sale.  His first online purchase was from SAC Federal Credit Union, one of the auction’s top consignors.

“Actually I bought the first five units that came through the sale online that day,” remembered McCorkle. I was right back online the next week to buy another four or five, and I’ve been attending their sale online every week since. The auction supports its online efforts with tremendous customer service, which makes it seamless for someone like me who is too far away to be able to attend the auction in person on sale day.”

By McCorkle’s own admission, his hometown is “in the middle of nowhere”, and although his closest auction is Nebraska Auto Auction, he doesn’t have the time to make the 500-mile round trip. Yet, his dealership sells 30-plus vehicles every month and he’s always searching for inventory.

“Before they began selling online, I’d never looked for vehicles at Nebraska Auto Auction,” McCorkle said. “But when Dave LaFleur, the auction’s general manager, told me that they were set up for PipelineSimulcast, I said ‘Now we’re talking!’ In my book, Dave and his staff are the best.  They’re available, they’re friendly, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the deal done. That kind of service makes all the difference, and gives me even greater confidence when buying from their auction online. “

Located in Lincoln, NE, Nebraska Auto Auction is a member of the ServNet auction group.  It hosts dealer-only sales every Tuesday 10:30 a.m. The three-lane facility features more than 300 vehicles each week from new and used car dealers, fleet companies, and financial institutions. Inventory is available for purchase in the lane, and online via Pipeline Simulcast.