CARMEL, IN - "Green" technology could help AuctionTrac users save a little "green" of their own. AuctionTrac, a subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, Inc., has further developed the capabilities of the GPS monitoring system it uses to track vehicles. Now, this same satellite-based technology can also help users minimize labor costs and increase efficiency-without using a single sheet of paper. 

AuctionTrac's paperless management system was specifically developed to provide users improved workforce control and management capabilities. The company's labor-tracking module not only eliminates the need to maintain paper records, it also provides a potentially cost-saving alternative to traditional labor-tracking systems. 

"With this technology, users can accurately measure the ever-changing labor needs of an auction sale day," said Michael Newman, senior vice president of AuctionTrac. "If they can measure it, they can manage their labor costs more effectively-putting the saving power directly in their hands."

AuctionTrac uses 4D scanning technology to electronically record start and stop times for temporary labor. Not only does paperless reporting provide an instant, detailed accounting of each worker's hours, it also allows vendors to monitor worker production in real time. An additional benefit is the system's capacity to streamline billing via online invoicing to pay labor companies.

KAR is currently utilizing this technology at 29 ADESA locations throughout the country. All ADESA auctions in the United States and Canada are expected to be fully implemented with AuctionTrac by September.