ATLANTA - Manheim begins 2012 with a digitally savvy auction workforce due to a comprehensive training program that wrapped up in Dec. 2011- the Manheim Digital Experience Tour. Last fall, the tour traveled to all 63 continental U.S. locations and provided 8,400 employees with hands-on training on Manheim's digital tools including myAccount, Mobile Search, Bid & Buy, VIN Scan and more.

The tour provided a view of Manheim's digital tools through the eyes of the customer. It also deepened the connection between Manheim's digital and auction products to make the vehicle research, bidding and buying process easier for customers whether they are purchasing from Manheim inlane, online or using our digital tools while they are standing in the lanes. 

"The goal of the Digital Experience Tour was to ensure our employees had the digital knowledge necessary to provide customers with the best auction experience possible and to help them transact business more efficiently and effectively than ever before," said Joe George, Manheim Digital group vice president. During the 11-week tour, George traveled across the country to kick off the majority of the training sessions. He said, "At every auction, employees were energized about Manheim's digital tools, and they have already begun to put them to good use helping customers."

Employees who attended the Digital Experience Tour are signing up customers for, downloading the free Manheim App, demonstrating VIN scan and more. In fact, the tour is continuing to generate many new ideas from employees.

 "The Digital Experience Tour gives employees at the auctions a better understanding of how the job that they do every day impacts the digital customers who are not physically at the auction," said Pete Palmer, general manager of Manheim Atlanta. "Whether the employee is a driver, detailer, condition report writer or title clerk, they all now have stronger understanding of how they impact the customer's experience in a broader sense."

Building on the momentum generated by the Digital Experience Tour, Manheim's is now taking its digital training to customers. The company's Best Practices team, which includes The Wholesale Institute (TWI), has launched TWI on the Go, a new program that brings Manheim's digital products to customers at the auction on sale day. More plans to provide convenient digital training for customers are in the works as the company gears up to launch a new Simulcast product and other new digital and mobile offerings in 2012.

"Our digital team is extremely focused on simplifying customer experience, and when we deepen the connection between our digital products and auction services, we are providing the ultimate experience for our customers by giving them more, better and easier ways to transact business with Manheim anytime and anywhere they want," said George.