WESTLAKE, OHIO - GetCarValues.com is an Internet platform where people can sell cars within hours to pre-screened buyers for cash.

There is no cost to sellers. Once a seller submits complete information about his or her car, GetCarValues.com shops the car to its network of qualified, verified buyers. Buyers submit offers directly to the seller. The seller simply chooses the best offer, takes the car to a local drop-off location, and walks away with cash in hand.

"Our mission is to get sellers top dollar for their vehicles," stated GetCarValues.com Sales Manager Steve Oakleaf. "GetCarValues.com works on behalf of the seller to shop the car to the buyers who will be most interested in acquiring it. These are cash deals without the hassle of trading in cars or waiting for buyers to secure financing."

The seller's acceptance of a buyer's offer locks both parties into a binding contract for the sale of the vehicle.

From that point on, it's a guaranteed sale. The buyer can't back out of the deal or rescind an offer once it has been accepted, as long as the vehicle was described correctly, making GetCarValues.com a safe way to quickly sell a car.

GetCarValues.com considers a variety of factors in valuing sellers' cars for submission to buyers. The company looks at sales data in the seller's market and takes into account the specific vehicle information the seller submits to GetCarValues.com, along with its own experts' estimates based on standard vehicle appraisal tools. It all adds up to a price most sellers are pleased with.