FREDERICK, MD - The National Auto Auction Association announces the dates of National Auto Auction Week will be August 22-26.

This special week celebrates our industry's seven decades of entrepreneurship, financial success, and community service. NAAA encourages auctions to use this time to thank loyal customers, recognize outstanding employees, and renew the commitment to the community with a variety of events and activities. To increase the public and customer awareness you could invite your governor, mayor or other elected leaders to give this week their stamp of approval with an official proclamation.

National Auto Auction Week activities can be the center of your marketing efforts. Materials are available at below to promote your business and get the word out to the public about what you do for the community.

And, it's the perfect time to say “Thank You” to your dealers and employees. National Auto Auction Week provides an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation for the people who contribute to the success of your auction.

The NAAA, which was founded 63 years ago in August, established this week to increase the public’s awareness of the industry and its contributions. Due to the unavailability of

vehicles in the South during the Depression, some enterprising livestock auctioneers began bringing down a few used cars from the North to sell along with cattle and farm machinery. Today, the NAAA reports that its 316 North American members sold 8.42 million vehicles worth $80 billion in 2010. In addition, the average auto auction now employs 137 people and operates a facility of about 76 acres.

“These figures show the strength and depth of a mature industry,” said NAAA President Jay Cadigan. “Despite

numerous challenges to the U.S. economy, our industry has demonstrated its resiliency.”

Cadigan added that auto auctions have a tradition of generously giving back to their communities, sponsoring everything from children’s sports to college scholarships. Last year NAAA’s members raised more than $1.8 million for a variety of local charities.