CHICAGO – Renovo Services, LLC, the vehicle transition industry’s most efficient single-source solution to the financial services industry, unveils its new brands and corporate identity. Now each of the companies’ service offerings has a unique brand and identity. These brands now articulate to lenders that Renovo Services, LLC, can handle any or all of the delinquency process.

“Renovo Services’ work over the last four years has brought us to this place,” said Kevin F. Flynn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renovo Services, LLC. “Once a financial institutions’ customer fails to submit payment, Renovo Services can handle every aspect of the delinquency process. We can do collections with Compellum. If we are unable to collect the account, we will manage the repossession process through ACCIS Solutions. Then our proprietary Get Best Agent program will select the best agency in the area to conduct the repossession. This program may select Allegent Recovery, our 200 truck direct repossession company. If we are unable to secure the unit we can forward the account to Skip Pros, our 50 member team of skip tracers, for deeper investigation.

Once we have secured the vehicle, we can sell it directly from our storage lot through ReposDirect. Obviously, customers can use some or all of our service and we can design custom solutions that best fit our customer’s needs.”

Along with this new look, we are adopting a Leading the Industry Forward tagline and a series of proactive messages designed to communicate how Renovo Services is distancing itself from the competition and helping shape the future of the vehicle transition industry.

As we do so, we want to be certain our brand reflects our leadership position in the industry. And so, we are pleased to introduce you to our new Renovo Services corporate identity:

Now each of the companies’ service offerings has a unique brand and identity. These brands now articulate to you that Renovo Services, LLC, can handle any or all of the delinquency process.

Our business lines have been rebranded as The Renovo Companies with the following new identities:

Accis Solutions is our full service recovery management solution. It is run with our proprietary “Get Best Agent” software. We have a national network of the most professional agencies in the business. Prior to today, these businesses were known as Renaissance Recovery Solutions and Remarketing Solutions.

Allegent Recovery is our full service direct repossession business, with over 200 trucks and approximately 250 CARS certified professional recovery agents serving most major markets. This company was previously known as Renovo Recovery.

Skip Pros is the full service skip tracing and investigative services business. It is currently comprised of 50 skip tracers and is using state-of-the-art technology to secure the hard to find collateral.

Compellum is our early and late stage collection company. Although a fairly new offering, Compellum is currently licensed in 47 states. This company has had tremendous success and is poised for growth. is the new online auction company able to sell repossessed cars right from our storage lots. This option has a great cost advantage and significantly reduces time, logistics, and potential damage. We are able to manage the entire process through our Remarketing Solutions brand or act as a conduit for you internal remarketing team. Repos is platform agnostic and will be open for business this summer.

In conjunction with the new identity rollout, Renovo Services has also launched a new corporate Website at The new site is designed as an easy-to-access easy-to-use online resource for customers and prospects, providing useful tools, information and news on how Renovo Services and The Renovo Companies are changing the industry. From the corporate site, users can link directly to the individual business line sites or contact our customer management team with one-click access.

“We will continue to populate our sites with engaging and informative-rich content so that we can provide thought leadership and be a go-to resource for our customers,” stated Scott Kolb, CAI, Senior Vice President, Customers for Renovo Services, LLC.