REDWOOD CITY, CA – OPENLANE, Inc., an online auction company, announced it has expanded its relationship with AutoUpLinkUSA/AULtec to create an even more integrated wholesale vehicle management solution for faster sales for a wider audience of dealers.

AULtec, Inc., a sister company to AutoUpLinkUSA, will now be using for a pilot program to automatically publish aged inventory online allowing dealers nationwide to view vehicles and immediately have the option to purchase. By loading wholesale units to, AutoUpLinkUSA, and AULtec dealers can benefit from increased opportunities to sell their vehicles and faster profits.

“We are excited to extend the highly successful partnership we’ve had with OPENLANE,” said Mike Baker, president, AutoUpLinkUSA. “By giving AULtec dealers the opportunity to reach a much wider base of potential buyers, they can benefit from faster turns and more sales. We have a great deal of confidence in this pilot program and anticipate it being highly successful.”

Participating AutoUpLinkUSA or AULtec dealers will have their retail vehicle information presented on and added to the online auction’s inventory, which is accessed by the company’s 25,000+ registered dealers. When a buyer is interested in a particular vehicle, AULtec dealers can provide a description and set a wholesale price to enable the buyer to make the transaction. With this solution, dealers can put their inventory in front of a large potential buying audience at no cost and minimal effort, as well as capitalize on the opportunity to sell their vehicles faster.

"Using OPENLANE’s new Basic Listings Service, I started wholesaling my vehicles while still offering them for sale on my retail lot,” said Chad Henkels, Used Car Manager, Inver Grove Honda. “OPENLANE automatically posted my vehicles based on the criteria I set and contacted me with dealer interest. When I decided I wasn't going to be able to retail the inventory, I priced the cars fairly and they sold. The process was easy and a better way for me to wholesale."

“In addition to serving as a comprehensive and inventory-rich platform for dealers to purchase vehicles, we are equally committed to helping dealers sell vehicles on,” said Ed Berkowitz, Vice President, Open Auction, OPENLANE. “By extending our partnership with AutoUpLinkUSA and AULtec, we are enabling an even greater base of dealers to utilize our auction to quickly and efficiently list and sell their cars and, in turn, increase their profit margins.”

The listing process for the pilot program will be free for AutoUpLinkUSA or AULtec dealers, and they only need to pay a $125 fee if the vehicle is purchased. If you are interested in learning more about OPENLANE’s online wholesale auction, please call (866) 969-0321 or e-mail (or if this is for an AULUSA dealership) with your dealership name and contact information.